Swole Patrol . October 9, 2023.

14 Amazing Free Chrome Extensions For SEO.

Many Google Chrome lovers use this browser because of its many features and useful Google Chrome extensions.
Google Chrome extension is a proficient program that you can install to make your browser functional. This means you can add new features to Chrome and make it more useful and convenient.
If you are an SEO strategist and want to stack up your rankings and performances and search the new keywords, install the Google Chrome extension because it will give you massive support and make things easier for you instead of using traditional desktop apps.
There are 10000+ Chrome Extensions; therefore, users find the usage of each extension difficult. So, here are 14 amazing free chrome extensions for SEO that can help boost your SEO strategy.

1-Keywords Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is the free Chrome Extension that is used for keyword research. It helps you provide the monthly search volume results, cost-per-click, and completion and inhibits many more features like traffic, backlinks, etc.

  • It is safe to use.
  • it saves your precious time.
  • It provides you with the additional keyword suggestions
  • It is available on multiple platforms.
  • It supports Uber, Amazon, Moz Open Site Explorer, Google Analytics, Bing, and Google Search Console.
  • You can export the file in Excel, CSV, or PDF file formats
  • You can save your favorite keywords by clicking on a star for a later view
    It is free of cost. Links


Uber suggest is another influential tool that provides the monthly keyword search volume, competition data, and many more. Ubersuggest is the best for analyzing sites other than Google, like Amazon, YouTube, etc.

  • Paid Ubersuggest is more affordable than other tools like SemRush and Ahrefs.
  • It is the best SEO tool for beginners.
  • It provides a large amount of backlink monitoring and keyword search volume, competitive analysis, SEO, and Link Management.
  • The Chrome extension of Uber suggest is free to use.

3-SEO Peek

SEO Peek is the best extension if you want to check the Chrome page’s DOM.

  • This extension gives insight into the content elements, including page title, Meta description, Meta keywords, and H1 headings.
  • Also, it checked the robot directives, including HTTP status, canonicalizations annotations, pagination, mobile, and international annotations.
  • It assists you with SEO audits.


SimilarWeb is another Keyword Research and Analysis tool. This extension helps us know the monthly website visits and the duration of each visit.

  • It provides you with the ranking and metrics.
  • It tells of the total traffic other sites get.
  • It is a cost-free extension.
  • Within a few minutes, it will show the competitors’ demographics.
  • Even it shows the traffic’s location and the number of paid content.

5-Google Tag Assistant

  • Google Tag Assistant is used to get the general site analysis. This extension vividly ensures that Google Analytics, Tag Management, Ads Conversion Tracking, and Google Remarketing are working accurately and in a flow.
  • This tool record session and deeply analyzes the meanings behind tracking rags based on how users move through a website.
  • It gives you an alert when you get any tag error.
  • A free tool

6-Redirect Path

Redirect a Path is a tool by Ayima which is used for error detection.

  • It determines the HTTP status and redirection links when a page responds to a redirect.
  • It also detects and helps to mitigate some unintended redirects leading to HTTP client-side redirects.
  • It not only flags up that you have a problem but makes sure those problems bubble under the surface and become apparent.
  • It helps you in detecting the small number of pages.


SerpWorx SEO Extension is a useful tool to get the SEO metric of the ranking sites. You don’t need to leave the open websites and Google pages; SerpWorx will provide all the results of SEO metrics in a single click.

  • It provides a 3-day free trial.
  • The SerpWorx toolbar shows the SEO metric results of Majestic, Moz, aHrefs, SEMrush, and Onsite SEO metrics.
  • It gives a concise SEO analysis of your target keyword.

8-Majestic Backlink Analyzer

If you want to know the quantity and quality of backlinks, then the Majestic Backlink Analyzer extension is for you.

  • It provides the Top Spiders Links.
  • The best SEO tool analyses the competitors’ backlinks and adds them to your bucket.

9-Hunter Chrome Extension

To get some outreach, use the Hunter extension that provides the email addresses of each site you visit.

  • It saves your time and effort in outreach.
  • It assists you by strengthening your online presence on Google.
  • It helps you by providing the website’s owner’s email so you can contact them and make guest posts on their site.

10- Google Page Speed Chrome Extension

Check your website’s speed with this free extension. The Google Page Speed extension shows all the things that make your website slow in loading.

  • It helps rank your site, as it should be mobile-friendly and have the best user experience.
  • You can check your website’s speed within a few minutes.
  • If your site’s speed is below 100, the tool will help you by providing suggestions that make it good at speed, like it can tell you to optimize images.

11-Character Count

  • The Character Count tool helps you count the characters and number of words the visiting web page has.
  • Character counter is important; it will suggest how many characters and words you need to write in your title and Meta description. Because search engines only display and analyze the first 50-60 characters, so title and 150-160 characters of the meta description.
  • This tool is very easy to use.

12-SEO Meta in 1 Click

This extension provides all the SEO information regarding the site’s meta tags and description within a few minutes.

  • It gives any site the following five categories: headings, images, links, and social and external tools. Each type further summarizes and displays all the information to help you rank SEO.

13- Evernote Web Clipper

Now you can capture different ideas and get inspiration from anywhere through the Evernote Web Clipper extension.

  • This extension is good for saving articles, blogs, images, texts, and emails to your Everyone account, which you can later read and generate new ideas for your blog.


MozBar shows your competitors’ metrics (such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Number of Backlinks).

  • You can easily analyze the websites and Search Engine Result Pages.
  • MozBar is the best tool to overwhelm your competitors in the SEO Ranking world.


If you are a marketer, the SEO Chrome extensions are your best friend because they are an easy way to make life easier and more productive. It can help track performance and rank higher on SERPs.
The 14 Amazing Free Chrome Extensions For SEO that this blog covers are best for optimizing your website and improving your search engine rankings. Use them wisely, and they will undoubtedly help you take your SEO game stack up.
What other Chrome extensions do you use for SEO? Let us know in the comment below!