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Boost your client's digital presence with our comprehensive PPC expertise, encompassing Search Ads, Display Ads, and Social Ads. Partner with us for white-label PPC services and deliver exceptional results that drive business growth.

Search Ads

Our group of confirmed PPC experts will carefully make and oversee designated search ad campaigns custom-fitted to your client's particular business objectives. With our white-label Google Ads management, you can convey extraordinary outcomes for your clients, moving their image perceivability and online presence higher than ever.

Display Ads

We'll carefully select the most relevant platforms and placements to reach your client's target audience, ensuring their brand messages resonate with the right people at the right time. Utilize our white-label PPC services to elevate your clients' brand visibility, engage their target audience, and propel their business forward.

Social Ads

We'll use our top-to-bottom understanding of social media platforms and algorithms to guarantee your clients' advertisements reach the ideal audience at the scale you want. Collaborate with us for white-label PPC outsourcing and convey remarkable outcomes for your client's social media presence, extending their range and intensifying their brand's voice.

How YDR's White-Label PPC Management Service Can Help Agencies Grow Their Leads and Sales

Leverage our team of certified PPC specialists to craft and manage targeted PPC campaigns that drive qualified traffic to your client's websites, generating a surge in leads and propelling sales to new heights. With our proven strategies and data-driven approach, you can expect:

  • Increased website traffic from highly relevant audiences
  • Enhanced conversion rates that turn leads into paying customers
  • A measurable boost in sales and revenue for your clients

Partner with YDR and unlock the true potential of PPC advertising for your agency.

PPC management service

Diverse PPC-Driven Services That Unlock Digital Potential

Remarketing Ads

We'll carefully target past website visitors and social media engagers with personalized remarketing ads, reminding them of your client's products and services and encouraging them to take action.

Google Shopping Ads

Our team will create and manage targeted Google Shopping Ads that showcase your clients' products directly in search results. We'll upgrade ad campaigns to contact the right target audience, driving qualified traffic to product pages and boosting sales. Partner with us for white-label PPC services and deliver exceptional results that drive e-commerce success.

In-stream Ads

We'll strategically place your clients' video ads within popular YouTube channels and relevant online videos, reaching a wide audience and capturing their attention at key moments. Utilize our white-label PPC services to amplify your clients' brand presence, generate interest, and drive conversions.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

Our team will craft and deliver personalized Gmail-sponsored promotions that appear directly within Gmail inboxes. We'll carefully focus on the right target audience to guarantee your clients' messages reach the right people who are probably going to be keen on their products or services. Partner with us for white-label PPC outsourcing and deliver measurable results that enhance brand awareness and drive conversions.

Local Services Ads

We'll create and manage optimized Local Services Ads that showcase your clients' businesses in Google Search and Maps. We'll guarantee their business data is precise and updated, improving their local Search engine optimization and driving people walking through to their retail facades. Utilize our white-label PPC services to help your clients dominate the local search landscape and attract new customers.

PPC Audit

Our group of PPC experts will quickly investigate your clients' current PPC campaigns, distinguishing regions for development and prescribing significant methodologies to boost performance. Partner with us for white-label PPC services and deliver exceptional results that drive better ROI and achieve your client's marketing goals.

Full-Funnel ROI Tracking

We'll implement robust tracking systems to measure the effectiveness of your client's PPC campaigns across the entire marketing funnel, from initial ad impressions to conversions. With our white-label PPC outsourcing, you can convey exhaustive return for money invested reports that show the worth of PPC advertising and drive informed decision-making.

PPC Campaign Management

Our team of certified PPC specialists will take complete ownership of your client's PPC campaigns, from strategy development to ongoing optimization. Partner with us for white-label PPC services and experience the power of expert PPC campaign management.

PPC Report Writing

Our team will create clear, concise, and information-driven PPC reports that give detailed experiences into campaign performance. Use our white-label PPC administrations to convey effective PPC reports that keep your clients educated and locked in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of certified PPC specialists consistently exceeds client expectations and drives measurable business growth. We provide comprehensive white-label PPC services that empower you to boost your service offerings and elevate your clients' success.

Yes, it's a cost-effective solution compared to building an internal team. YDR's flexible pricing models let you tailor services to your budget and client needs.

Great! YDR can seamlessly supplement your existing expertise, handling complex technical tasks, content creation, or specific areas you want to strengthen.

The results of PPC take time to materialize. However, with YDR's proven methodology and data-driven approach, you should start seeing positive outcomes within a few months.

YDR's team of experts will work with you to integrate our services with your CRM, project management, and reporting tools, ensuring a smooth workflow.

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