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Top 8 WordPress Contact Form Plugins to Boost Your Website in 2023.

In today’s digital landscape, having a well-designed and functional contact form is essential for any website. Visitors can quickly contact you using contact forms for questions, comments, or business possibilities. The popular content management system, WordPress, has a wide selection of contact form plugins. We will examine the best WordPress contact form plugins in 2023 in this thorough analysis. Your Digital Resellers, a preeminent supplier of web development services, can assist you in using these plugins to improve the functionality and engagement of your website.

How to Pick a Great Contact Form Plugin:

Choosing the right contact form plugin is crucial to ensure a seamless user experience and efficient communication. 

  1. Ease of Use: Choose a plugin that has an easy-to-use form builder and an intuitive user interface so you can construct forms fast and effortlessly.
  2. Features and Customization: Look for plugins that offer a wide range of form fields, styling options, and customization features to tailor your forms to match your website’s design and requirements.
  3. Integration Capabilities: Make that the plugin works in unison with all of the other software and services you utilize, including payment gateways, CRM programs, and email marketing platforms.
  4. Security: Prioritize plugins that implement strong security measures, including protection against spam and data encryption, to safeguard user information.


WPForms is a highly popular and beginner-friendly contact form plugin for WordPress. It features a drag-and-drop form builder that allows you to create professional-looking forms without any coding knowledge. WPForms offers a variety of pre-built templates, including contact forms, registration forms, surveys, and more. With its smart conditional logic, you can create dynamic forms that adapt based on user input. Additional features include file uploads, spam protection, and seamless integration with popular email marketing services and payment gateways.

Contact Form 7:

Contact Form 7 is a longstanding and widely-used free contact form plugin. It is known for its simplicity and flexibility. While it may lack the visual appeal of some premium plugins, Contact Form 7 makes up for it with its customizability. The plugin supports multiple forms on one website, and you can customize each form using simple HTML and CSS. Contact Form 7 also provides CAPTCHA support to prevent spam submissions.

Ninja Forms:

Ninja Forms is a powerful yet user-friendly contact form plugin with a robust set of features. It offers a drag-and-drop form builder that enables you to create complex forms effortlessly. Ninja Forms includes various field types, conditional logic, and advanced customization options. The plugin also provides numerous add-ons that extend its functionality, such as email marketing integration, file uploads, and payment processing. With Ninja Forms, you have the flexibility to create personalized forms that suit your specific needs.

Gravity Forms:

A premium contact form plugin well known for its cutting-edge features and a large range of integration possibilities is Gravity Forms. It offers a comprehensive form builder with a multitude of form fields, including advanced fields like date pickers and file uploads. Gravity Forms excels in conditional logic, allowing you to create dynamic forms with specific actions based on user input. The plugin seamlessly integrates with popular third-party services like PayPal, Mailchimp, and Salesforce. Additionally, Gravity Forms offers user management features, making it ideal for creating user registration forms, surveys, and quizzes.

Formidable Forms:

Formidable Forms is a flexible and powerful contact form plugin that caters to both beginners and advanced users. It provides an intuitive drag-and-drop form builder with a wide range of field options, form templates, and styling choices. Formidable Forms also allows you to create dynamic forms with conditional logic and calculations. The plugin offers integration with popular email marketing services, payment gateways, and CRM systems. With its emphasis on user experience and functionality, Formidable Form is a reliable choice for creating professional contact forms.

Simple Basic Contact Form:

When simplicity is the key, the Simple Basic Contact Form plugin is an ideal choice. As its name implies, this lightweight plugin allows you to create a simple contact form with essential fields like name, email, subject, and message. While it may lack advanced features, this plugin excels in its user-friendliness and minimalistic design. With its easy setup and intuitive interface, you can quickly integrate a basic contact form into your WordPress website. The simplicity of this plugin makes it an excellent option for small businesses or personal websites seeking a straightforward solution.

Visual Form Builder:

For those who crave customization options and design flexibility, the Visual Form Builder plugin is a perfect fit. This plugin empowers you to create complex and visually appealing contact forms effortlessly. You may add different form components like text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown menus, and even file uploads using its simple drag-and-drop interface. The real-time preview feature enables you to visualize the form’s appearance and tweak it to match your website’s overall design. The Visual Form Builder plugin is an excellent choice for businesses that prioritize branding and wish to create forms that are visually consistent with their website.

Contact Form 7:

Contact Form 7 has been a popular choice among WordPress users for years, and its reputation as a reliable and versatile plugin continues in 2023. This plugin allows you to create multiple contact forms and customize each form to suit your specific needs. With Contact Form 7, you have the freedom to define various form fields, set validation rules, and customize email notifications. Additionally, this plugin provides built-in spam filtering and supports CAPTCHA integration to ensure your forms remain secure. Moreover, Contact Form 7 is highly extensible, offering a wide range of additional plugins to enhance its functionality. If you target a multilingual audience, Contact Form 7 provides seamless integration with translation plugins, making it an excellent choice for global businesses.

Jetpack Contact Form:

Jetpack is a comprehensive plugin suite that offers a contact form module as part of its feature-rich package. Jetpack Contact Form provides a simple yet robust solution for creating contact forms with built-in anti-spam protection. This plugin offers customization options for form fields, email notifications, and confirmation messages, allowing you to tailor the forms to your specific requirements. Jetpack also offers additional functionalities such as site security, performance optimization, and visitor statistics, making it a versatile choice for website owners who value convenience and want multiple features bundled in one plugin. If you are already using Jetpack for other purposes, integrating Jetpack Contact Form seamlessly enhances your overall website management.

Which Plugin Should You Use?

The choice of contact form plugin depends on your website’s specific requirements and your desired level of customization. If you are looking for a simple, no-frills contact form, Simple Basic Contact Form will meet your needs. Visual Form Builder is an excellent option if you value design flexibility and want to create visually appealing forms tailored to your brand’s aesthetics. Contact Form 7 is a reliable choice if you require multiple forms, extensive customization options, and multilingual support. Lastly, if you already use Jetpack for other functionalities, Jetpack Contact Form provides a seamless integration that ensures consistency throughout your website.


Integrating a contact form plugin into your WordPress website is essential for effective communication and lead generation. The top contact form plugins discussed in this article, including Simple Basic Contact Form, Visual Form Builder, Contact Form 7, and Jetpack Contact Form, offer various features and customization options to suit different needs. Evaluating your specific requirements and selecting the plugin that aligns best with your website’s goals is crucial. Remember, Your Digital Resellers are experts in web development services and can assist you in implementing these contact form plugins to enhance your website’s performance.